Are you a founder looking to launch the next great product or service?

Find out how one non-tech founder is revolutionizing homeowner services, how one AI entrepreneur made 100K on his first launch ever, data growth hacks, and more…

The Product Launch Virtual Summit is a live online event packed with insight from battle-tested entrepreneurs and pros who will share unique perspectives on launching digital or physical products and services.

Everyone will be there!

Attendees include entrepreneurs of all stripes – from series B funded to newly minted startups – who will be soaking up a full day of free master classes, case studies, and speaker sessions… all designed to:

  • Find new customers
  • Get any product or service into the market faster
  • Improve stagnant launch strategies
  • Add new launch techniques that amplify their messages, or even…
  • Discover how to START building the next great product or service

On September 20, 2017 founders from around the world will congregate at this live virtual event to get inside tips and new perspectives on how to make more money by having better launch strategies, marketing implementation, go-to-market strategies, IP protection, customer acquisition, and more…

All toward the pursuit of successfully launching products and services in ANY industry.

Invited speakers have either digital or non-digital expertise.

Product Launch Virtual Summit
When: September 20, 2017
Time: 9:30 am – 7:30 pm (EDT / -4 UTC)
Where: Live Online via Your Computer
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Below is a partial list of session topics:

  • Data Growth Hacks to Launch Your Product or Service
  • How This AI Entrepreneur Made 100K on His First Launch Ever
  • [Live Case Study] How This Non-Tech Founder Launched a Concierge Platform To Revolutionize Homeowner Services
  • Popup Shops To Launch Your Product
  • [MASTERCLASS] 5 Secrets to Breaking Down Your Product or Service Launch
  • Have a Big Launch Without Being An Expert Marketer
  • Leverage Speaking Opportunities To Launch Your Product or Service

Click here to see the full Summit Agenda