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9:30a - 10:10a

Opening Remarks | The 5-Part Plan that Transformed an Inexperienced Founder with Ice Cold Prospects and An Unproven Product Into Leads, and Partner Deals Worth Over $1 Million

with Sharon Brown

Founder, eLuminate Entrepreneur Network | Product Launch Virtual Summit

Sharon is a tech entrepreneur, speaker, and author that has launched over 180 products and services.  She is founder of eLuminate, and previously founded an award-winning skin care brand, that achieved a celebrity following and recognized in the Grammy gift bags.

10:15a - 10:55a

How to Prototype What Customers Actually Need

with Jay Melone

Partner, New Haircut

Jay Melone is the Strategy Partner at New Haircut, a product development firm. They combine design thinking and full-stack software development to offer digital innovation to their client companies.

11:00a - 11:50a

[Live Case Study] How This Non-Tech Founder Launched a Concierge Platform To Revolutionize Homeowner Services
with Kavell Taylor

Co-Founder, Homeowners Hub

Kavell Taylor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Homeowners Hub, a concierge platform for the busy homeowner’s maintenance, repair, and renovation needs. After purchasing her first building, she renovated and managed it herself. Kavell became impassioned with and successful by growing and overseeing her real estate portfolio. The inherent pains of property ownership led her to co-found Homeowners Hub which earned over $1 million in revenue since launch.

11:50a - 12:00p

Product Launch Key Takeaways

12:00p - 1:15p

How This AI Entrepreneur Made 100K on His First Launch Ever

with Satya Mallick

Founder, Big Vision LLC

Dr. Mallick is an entrepreneur working in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He also loves teaching and recently launched his first online course. Prior to starting his consulting company, Big Vision LLC, he co-founded Sight Commerce Inc (formerly Taaz Inc.) where he built AI products that reached over 100M users. His work has been covered in publications like TechCrunch, Huffington Post, NyTimes and WSJ to name a few. Recently, he was named among the top 30 AI experts to follow on Twitter in 2017 by IBM’s AI blog.

1:15p - 1:30p

[Product Profile] & Key Takeaways

1:30p - 2:00p

Leverage Speaking Opportunities To Launch Your Product or Service

with Soness Stevens

Speaker Coach & CEO at Your Speaking Journey

Soness is a TED & TEDx speaker, weekly NHK TV Communications Navigator, and Associate Professor of business presentation skills, and has also been featured on Fox TV Japan.

2:00p - 2:40p

What You Need To Know About Patents & Trademarks To Protect Your Product or Service

with Andrew H Berks

Patent Attorney, Counsel4Creatives

Andrew Berks is a patent attorney who helps his clients obtain, defend, and manage their intellectual property. Andrew’s expertise is in patent strategy, patent prosecution, patent litigation, and IP licenses. Andrew’s expertise is in life sciences and pharma, but he works in all technology areas. Andrew has a Ph.D. in chemistry, a J.D. from Fordham Law School. Andrew’s office is in New York City.

2:50p - 3:30p

The Name of Your Product or Service Can Be The Difference Between Success or Failure

with Cindy Ball

Founder, Second Half Full

Cindy Ball is a four-time entrepreneur, a branding and naming specialist (who co-founded a boutique communications agency after 20 years in corporate marketing) and a Certified Life Coach (trained by Oprah’s go-to coach, Martha Beck). Bringing big ideas to life is THE central theme in Cindy’s career – she even appeared on CNBC’s “The Big Idea Show” in a segment entitled “My Idea Will Make Millions!”

3:30p - 4:10p

Insider Tips on How To Launch Your Product on Etsy

with Amber Harder

Founder, Biz Minded Mommy

Born and raised here in Hawaii I grew up a local Island Girl camping on the beach and working on my tan. As a child my family was incredibly poor and I knew when I got older I wanted to create a different life for my family. Since the day I met my first son I have been obsessing about creating Financial Freedom. I have since started and sold over eight successful thriving businesses. My latest Obsession has been Etsy and it has been such an adventure I’m excited to share it all with you.

4:15p - 4:55p

Insider Secrets To Launching The Next Great Event or Business Retreat

with Wendy Livingston Guth

Founder, Rebel On The Go

Wendy Livingston Guth is founder of Rebel on the Go, a boutique meetings & travel company that shows busy executives how to use travel to grow their businesses through retreat experiences. For over 30 years, she has planned meetings for both nonprofit and for profit clients. She specializes in site selection and contract negotiation; strategic problem solving; and logistical management.

5:00p - 5:30p

Popup Shops To Launch Your Product

with Sara Yoon

Founder, Pop Up Nation

Sara started Pop Up Nation to make premier, high-traffic spaces more accessible for brands to connect with their audience, maximize exposure and increase sales. She has a real estate background and worked for an owner/operator of over 50 buildings in New York City.

5:30p - 5:40p

[Product Profile] Jeanious: Going From Idea to First Prototype
with Evelyn Rivera

Founder, Everette Handbags

5:40p - 6:20p

[Live Case Study] The Brutal Truth About Prototyping and Getting Your Product on HSN


with Jenny Moore

Founder, BlingGuard

Jenny Moore is the inventor and founder of BlingGuard, a jewelry solutions company.  Jenny appears regularly on HSN and her products can be found all over the world including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dillards, TSC (Canadian Shopping network) and thousands of other retailers.  She is a Philanthropist, Mentor, Sought After Speaker and last, but certainly not least, Mother to Parker and Penelope.  Most recently, Jenny is launching the Jenny Moore Method, a consulting firm to assist Female Entrepreneurs.

6:30p - 7:10p

Data Growth Hacks to Launch Your Product or Service

with Ross P Sclafani

Founder, Product Therapy

Ross is an Emmy-nominated digital creative who has worked every job in technology from motion design to product management. His current passion is helping product teams find the right growth strategy for their solutions.

7:10p - 7:30p

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